Our products are made using the very best quality ingredients we can find. We use a variety of ingredients from humble lard to extravagant oils of Argan and Sea Buckthorn. Rich and exotic butters such as Shea and Kokum and delightful milks of all sorts add to the skin love of our soaps. We have crafted soaps using, wine, beer, nut and dairy milks, vegetable and fruit juices and purees. Yogurts, pulverized herbs, unusual salts and botanicals as well a bevy of flowers and herbs round out our repertoire of soap making additives. We have also used natural clays, silks and charcoal to add to the benefits of the soap. We invite you to try many, many bars! We are sure you will find a favorite among them. We make bars for Men, Women and will be soon adding children and baby soaps. They are super moisturizing with rich lathers that clean your skin without harsh detergents or unnecessary chemicals or synthetic additives. We also have a line of completely all natural soaps with no added synthetic colors or fragrances. These are handmade soaps and will vary occasionally from pictures in color or shape but the ingredients will remain the same. For some added extra clean love try one of our fab Shampoo or Facial Bars!! Guarantee you will love it!